Starting therapy can be the most important phase of your drug regimen.  Getting accustomed to self-administration, dealing with potential side-effects, adjusting to a therapy schedule, etc. can present patients with real challenges at the same time that they are adjusting to a life-changing diagnosis.  Urban Specialty Pharmacy works hard to make that adjustment as easy as possible.  From the time that you receive your first medication delivery, we want you to know how to use the resources available to you.  Information included in that first delivery will provide you all the facts and telephone numbers needed to get every question answered.

Once a referral is sent to Urban  Specialty Pharmacy, you will be contacted by an Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) who will explain our services and schedule your delivery.  Each month thereafter, you will be contacted by your PCC who will confirm and schedule additional shipments and monitor your clinical progress.


Your PCC will work with you at the start of therapy to handle any prior-authorizations that may be required by your health plan, PBM, Medicaid, etc.  They will confirm your benefit levels and your co-payments / co-insurance as may apply. 

If you encounter financial hardship resulting from your co-payments / co-insurance liability our staff can direct you to manufacturer sponsored assistance programs or other their-party programs.  Discuss your concerns with our staff. We may be able to help you start and stay on therapy.

Refill Requests

Your Patient Care Coordinator will contact you to check on how your therapy experience is going, and schedule a time for delivery, and confirm delivery address.  Refills can be sent to your home, your work place, etc. simply by asking us.