Coordinated Therapy Management

Patients on biotherapies need a high-touch, personalized care approach to their therapy management. At Urban Specialty Pharmacy we are committed to providing a comprehensive program of care that includes monitoring drug use.  Additionally, patients can access a variety of educational resources as well as access to an on-call pharmacist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Urban Specialty Pharmacy helps patients take an active role in their care plan.  We collaboratively work with you and your patients to provide the very best care possible.

Select Physician (office) services include;
Consultative support on biotherapy regimens by clinical Pharmacists
Prior-authorization assistance with payors
Tracking patient compliance / reporting non-compliance and patient outcomes
Information on new therapies

To speak with a Pharmacist at:
      St. Petersburg Locations: Tel # 727-327-9881 Or Fax # 727-327-9884